God Used Up My Post-its

Well, not really, He didn’t.  But He did use a lot of them.  I didn’t know how to start this post exactly.  I’d walked around it several times, searching for a good entry point and there really isn’t one save for “God and God-stuff on post-its.”

A couple of weeks ago I was attending an online church (yes, it really is a thing) and Father began downloading some incredibly wondrous things.  Several people were speaking, giving testimony and experience, and as they spoke so did the Lord.  Oh man, how I wish I could accurately describe the feelings which came as I scribbled on my little blue sticky-notes!  One person after another, He added to what they were saying.  One post-it after another, I became more and more enthralled by His words and the meaning behind them; the Love.

The first to speak was my friend, David.  I can’t recall his testimony because after the first few words, I heard only Father God, who was filling in vital details;  details I had never before heard but wondered how I had missed them all this time.

I remember David saying, “Faith, Hope, and Love.”  Father spoke and I was instructed to draw it out like this –

Faith  –  God

Hope  –  Jesus

Love  – Holy Spirit

Faith, Hope, Love – God, Jesus, Holy Spirit

Faith comes straight from God.  We have none and we can muster none on our own.  However, God gives to us all the faith we need.

Hope – The hope of God, the hope from God, is Jesus.  Through Jesus all hope is extended.  Because of Jesus, we have hope.

Love – The Bible states that God is Love.  I asked Holy Spirit once what name God called Him by and He responded, “He calls me Love.”  So, through Holy Spirit, God shows to us and showers us with Love.

David also said the word “Grace.”  Father reminded me of something He had shown to me a couple of years earlier.  ‘Christian-ese’ regularly translates this word as ‘Divine, unmerited favor.’  Yet Father God had shown me that grace, while it is bestowed by God, is much more than generally taught.  Grace is the Zoe of God given to us.

Zoe – the absolute fullness of life, both essential and ethical, which belongs to God, and through Him.

Zoe is all of God, everything He is (everything).  Grace is Zoe, all of God, given to us; to me and to you.  By this definition, we need absolutely nothing because we already have access to all of who He is.

Next to speak was Tonya.  She spoke of freedom and once again our Lord spoke over her.  He said the freedom we seek is found in Zoe.  Not coincidentally, the Bible states that 3 things will last – Faith, Hope, and Love and greatest of these is Love.  If these 3 will last then these 3 are found in God.  Zoe, again, is everything God is.  Freedom is found herein.

How do we get this Zoe, this Life?  We get it through Holy Spirit.  It is free and it is flowing, consistently and constantly.  We merely say, “Thank you for giving to me all You are, Lord.”

Next, Jessica spoke on a time of praying in tongues and interpretation of tongues.  Listening to her at first, I thought she had said she asked Holy Spirit to pray in tongues and give her the gift of interpreting Him.  So I did the same.

As Holy Spirit prayed, He poured out such a wealth of beauty my paltry words cannot fully capture it but still, I must try.  The following is as Love spoke –

“Believe me.  Trust me.  I Love you!

(Your name) trust me. Believe me.  I Love, Love, Love you!  Hold Me.  Lift Me up.  I hold you and I lift you up.  You are My passion!  Know Me.  Know this – precious, precious precision.  I strike at you heart with precision.

I embolden you.  Be emboldened!  I caress you.  Be caressed!  I speak of God.  I AM God.  You can not get away cause I will never let you go.  I AM your eternal stalker.  Do not fear me; I AM not a man!  Perfection has entered you; rejoice!  Rejoice!

I AM Beloved and I AM in you.  I AM Beloved and you are Mine.  You are Beloved.  Be Beloved!  Be Beloved!  Remain; do not fight Me but rest.  Can you stay?  Will you stay?  Please stay!

I Love You!  I Love You!  Love Loves You!  Listen.  Do you hear?  Stay with Me, for I AM.

The altar is not how you have perceived Me.  You don’t die, rather you live!  Come to Me; at My altar is My blood of LIFE.  Praise God!  Oh!  Praise God!  Present yourself once more, one more time, for LIFE awaits.

Feel it!  Feel Me!  Receive Zoe!  Receive again, as you did, all of Me!




Deal with the fact that I Love You!

Love, LOVE”

1 Corinthians 13:13  But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.  (NASB)

2 Peter 1:3 His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence… (ESV)

Jeannie Berzett Wilbourn

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