Out of the (Prayer) Closet… and into the Cave

In this blog I’m sharing a vision from November 2016.  Through this vision I encountered  Jesus in a powerful way and I am forever changed.  It’s a long read but well worth the time, I believe.  I pray you, the reader, will be blessed!

Jesus began our journey by singing to me the song He had sung the last time we had hung out on the beach – “Sea of Love”.  As He sang, I saw us on the beach once again, then in the vast openness of an ocean, then paddling our way down the waterways of Venice.  After a time, we came into the mouth of a cave.

I said, “Lord, a cave?”  The cavern was brightened by His presence and the waters glowed in shades of blue and white as they crashed into the rocky shoreline.  I found myself out of the small boat, standing in the middle of this new space and staring in wonderment at the walls, which were encrusted with every kind of rare and sparkling jewel.

Now, I had recently read of a friend who met with Jesus in a secluded cave sanctuary and I wondered aloud if I was only stealing his idea.  Jesus assured me I was not but, in fact, this space belonged to me and it had been prepared for me before I was born.

As I watched, a chair became apparent before me; but not a chair, a throne. This honored seat was made up of blue, green, red, purple, yellow and black opal and the fire of the gem swirled inside and around the entire throne.  Jesus said to me, “I have appointed you Queen of Fire and what else would be fitting except a Throne of Fire?”  I looked down to see I was wearing a lavish gown made of purple satin and the sash around my waist, which was once red, now became a rope of fire.  I reached out to take my bejeweled crown and place it on my head, the one I had become accustomed to hearing that we all had, and as I did the crown became fire also.  So here I’m standing, in a cave, wearing fire.  And reveling in every second of it.

“Oh, Jesus!  I just love you!  And not only for what you have given me.  These things were mine before I knew they were mine but I loved you even before.  Thank you!  It is all so lovely!”

“But, why are we here?”

“This is yours.  This is your Cave of Wonders.  (Aladdin reference as He knows I’m partial to Aladdin.)  Not only this cave but seven others; seven adjoining caverns.  The last one has been added to you just today.  Would you like to see it?”

“I would.  But I’d like to see the first cavern first.”

“The first shall be last and the last shall be first.”

So we make our way to the last added cavern.  I ask if we can fly and as soon as the question leaves my lips we are in the air, a slip of a stream below us.  I dip down to drag my feet in the water, which looks like glass, and I hear a sound not unlike wind chimes in a cool breeze.  The tinkling fills my senses as we pass through the narrow way to the destination.

“Where are we going, Lord?”

“To the Hall of Tears.”

“Ok, besides tears, what else is there to see?”

“In this Hall is kept every tear you have shed.  But also hidden there is your voice.”

We reach this Hall, the mysterious number 7 cavern and again I stand in stunned silence.  These walls are also covered in jewels, both fiery and bright.  I become overwhelmed as I realize the sparkle and shine is the Light reflecting off the tears I had shed over a lifetime and not actual jewels.  I begin to tremble as I notice a waterfall to my right.  I know it is made up of tears.  I pick up a rock and begin to lash out at the water and to my surprise it breaks just like glass.  I hit it again and again until all the glass has fallen and I see an opening into an immense hallway of arches.  The arches are gold and ivory and lead off into various directions.  Jesus leads me straight forward to a table which holds a medium sized ornate bottle and a variety of small vials.

“Here is your voice,” He says.  I’ve kept it for you, hidden away safely until you  were ready and able to reclaim it.”

“Lord, my own voice?  I … I’m not sure I’ve ever had my very own voice. Most times when I speak I hear the words of others coming out.  You mean I really have a voice of my own?”

“Yes you do!  Your voice was taken from you, stolen, at a young age.  But I’ve kept it safe for you.  This is it.  Drink and be restored!”

Jesus asks if I want my entire voice at once or a little at a time.  While I opt for taking everything at once, He gives me only the first bottle.   I hold the bottle, staring intently at the white, opalescent fluid swirling within, and remove the clear stopper.  Drinking down the liquid, in the natural I feel a warmth flood my core and I have to smile.  Jesus hands me each small vial in succession, each filled with a colorless liquid, and I drink them down one by one.  After ingesting each one, He names it – Courage, Purity, Character, and Boldness – and I experience a different sensation with every one.  Now the purpose in separating the different aspects of my voice becomes clear.  Jesus wanted me to realize and to relish how spectacular and how relevant each aspect truly is.  Without boldness, courage is mute, without purity and character, the other two are invalid, or at the very least impotent.

After partaking of the various bottles and vials, in the natural I open my mouth to pray and the sounds which come forth amaze me!  I have acquired a new tongue in Holy Spirit language and it is magnificent!  Sounds and syllables and music intermingle on my tongue and flow from my lips as if I’d always spoken only these words.  I sit for a moment, enraptured.

Eventually, I see one vial left on the table and I inquire of it, for I want all that is rightfully mine.  Jesus names it suffering.  “Lord, I don’t think I want any more suffering.  Not now!”  He graciously says this vial is not for me, that He will keep it … I have had enough suffering.  And I love Him even more.

I take a moment and look around at the vast Hall.  I want to explore beyond every golden arch, into every nook and cranny but Jesus gently tells me these are for yet another time.  I do not want to relent until He asks if I would like to visit the first cavern.  “The last shall be first and the first shall be last.”

“Of course I want to see it!”  I can’t imagine what wealth these caverns and halls might hold, having just discovered their existence.  We exit the Hall of Tears and we’re back in the Hall of Wonders.  Jesus shows me to the left (picture His best Vanna White impression) and I see a glimmer of a doorway.  “What place is this, Lord?”

“The Hall of Justice.”

I snicker.  “Really?  The Hall of Justice?”  I laugh out loud and think He must be joking.  Yet, as we step through the shimmering doorway, I vaguely understand.  Before me are massive shelves stretching farther than my eyes can see.  The shelves must be eight to ten feet tall and they are filled with parchment scrolls.

“This room is not only filled with the justice you have received but also the justice others have received through you and because of you,” Jesus said, noting my confusion at the immenseness of the room.              

“Jesus, you’re telling me that each of these scrolls have a name on them of a person I have helped in some way?  How?  What?  I’m not sure I understand.  Why are there so many?”

“The classes you taught, the groups you attended, the posts you shared, the articles you’ve written, the coffee dates, your time volunteered at school, the strangers you spoke to in stores and parking lots – so many people have been affected by Me, through you. ”

As Jesus is talking, I fly up to the ceiling so I can get a better look.  From this vantage point, I see the Hall is enormous.  The rows of shelving extend to my right and to my left, so many I can’t count them.   Yet I also know there is still a huge vacant space for even more shelves and scrolls.  I see angels in the stacks carefully handling scrolls, placing new ones or taking out and reading those already in place.

Jesus continues, “Have you not been told more than once and by different people that you will have no idea just how many lives you affect and just how far reaching this effect actually is?  Take a closer look at the articles, for one example.  You cannot yet know of all the people, in all the countries, who read your words.  You cannot know what changed in one person’s life just because you wrote, whether it was a healing, a new understanding, a mind more open, or a deeper seeking to know Me.”

I ponder, trying to catch up to the gravity of what Jesus is telling me – All the studies, all the parking lots, all the places, all the people, all the words!  After a short time, I breathe in and breathe out again.  “Jesus, Wow!  But why are there so many scrolls?  How can there be so many?  And why are they on old parchment paper and not nice, white paper, wrapped in golden ribbon?”

“Go look for yourself.  Let’s walk.  Each scroll is arranged by country, by state, province or municipality, region by region, down to city and even community, clan or tribe.”  There are shelves and slots with names of countries and regions, just as Jesus said.  Far down the line I see a listing for Liberia and a city (I assume) whose name I don’t know.  A large amount of space was ascribed for these scrolls.

“Why so many?  How detailed is this room?”

“A man reads an article and he is changed.  He reads another article and he is changed again.  Each change is recorded.  Every time He receives Me, in every way, it is written.  See for yourself.”

Jesus hands me a scroll and I carefully unroll it.  As it is opens words appear describing the particular event.  Also is written with whom the event was shared!

“When it is shared, the word or the experience has the opportunity to change the hearer.  When this happens, it is recorded.”

I close the scroll and place it back in its cubby.  The situation is almost too much for me take in.  I thought the Hall of Tears was grand but this!  It may have taken a while for me to speak; I cannot quite recall because of what happens next.

A little boy comes running down the aisle.  I immediately recognize him and do not even question as to why he is here.  The tyke is one of the people, if not the first person, I had prayed over. I knew then, and still know, I had God’s heart then.  Yet, he passed into Heaven several years ago.  I do not think; only watch him as he comes closer.  I see he has a scroll clenched tightly in his left hand.  It is open and flapping in the breeze he creates as he runs.  The child runs to me and wraps his arms around my legs, hugging them tightly and intently.  I’m so happy to see him I breathe a huge sigh of joy and I close my eyes to embrace his embrace.  He turns loose suddenly, as they do, and he runs on, giggling wildly.  I look at Jesus for confirmation, for this is beyond me, all of it.  Jesus simply smiles, nods, and says, “It really is him.” This room, the names, the information, the angels, seeing the little boy…

I make my way out of the scroll room, into a lobby area, and there find a large, ornate couch just beside the entryway.  It looks so comfortable – gilded in gold and covered in luxurious green fabric.   I am elated and in awe and I am tired.  I throw myself down onto the couch in a dramatic show and draw up my right arm (which is full length, by the way) to cover my eyes in the ‘typical, movie – Southern Belle’ manner.   Jesus sits quietly on the opposite end.  He doesn’t interrupt me, merely watches over me.   I want to think of all I’ve seen and heard but I don’t; I simply lie still in blank silence.   Moments go by and I see the small boy again.  He’s grinning ear to ear and running full speed towards me.  Instead of slowing, he bounds and lands square on top of me, laughing.  He stretches the length of me and gives me a full and proper hug.  I hug him back and drink in the minutes.  I know he is here to say, “Hello, how’ve you been?  I’m great!”  The boy’s embrace brings me comfort and, not closure, but fulfillment.  None of us speak.  Jesus watches us with somber delight.  I know He has had made this meeting possible and I don’t question it because the intent is perfectly transparent.  Oh, how I adore Jesus right now!

The boy jumps up and takes off running again.   I sit up and swing my feet to floor, feeling recharged.  Jesus asks, “Are you ready?” and stretches His hand towards me.

“Sure!  Where to now?”

“You’ll see,” He teases as He takes my hand, raising me off the couch.

Jesus takes the lead and begins to run.  As He does, I notice His clothing changes.  Instantly He is wearing white robes, trimmed in gold and adorned with a golden sash and a golden braid across the chest.  I think, “Wow, that’s fancy.”  I look down to see my own attire has been transformed.  I still have my crown of fire but now I’m wearing a white and gold ball gown, full and flowing.  Before I have a chance to say anything, we arrive at our next destination – The Hall of Mirrors.

The Hall of Mirrors is the very first place I met with Jesus.  It was in 2003 and He took me dancing in the grandest ball room, better than I’d ever seen on television.  Once we enter and I see myself in the mirrors, I recognize this is the dress I wore then.

“Our time here today is coming to an end.  I thought you’d like to dance before we go.”

Immediately, I loved Him more, or at the very least, again.

Jesus and I twirled and dipped and sashayed from the middle of the grand room to every side and each end, swirling in the greatest classical music.  Lest you may think He is stuffy and stands on pomp and circumstance – we also danced to rap, grunge, heavy metal, and some pop songs, and we were always dressed in the proper and appropriate attire.  Cause, you know, Jesus is fun!

As our time In the Hall of Mirrors ends, Jesus takes me by the hand again and walks me to the door, always the gentleman.  I can’t begin to tell you how I look forward to our next excursion!

Jeannie B. Wilbourn

11 – 2016

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