On 1/24/17 – in a dream I saw a woman preparing her infant daughter, several months old, for ritual sacrifice. This was something the woman’s family, her people, had always done. This was taking place in modern times and “first world” settings.

There was no grief, no mourning or sadness. The woman dressed the baby in nice clothes and swaddled her in a translucent fabric blanket. The woman then placed the baby in the appointed space to await the time of sacrifice. It looked to me like an open-face box inside of a closet.

I waited with the woman in the next room for a day and a half. Several times I checked on the baby, thinking she must be scared, hungry, lonely, or cold. The baby never cried or fussed but always took the pacifier when offered.

The plan of this sacrifice was to be carried out by a train. I knew the train was getting close and the time was nearing. I got up to leave the room, not wanting to see what would take place. As I did, the mother ran to the baby and snatched her up in the last minute, saying she couldn’t go through with it.

She placed the baby in a swing and sat down and cried. I searched for a bottle and found 3 partial bottles of milk in the fridge, all but empty, and a full bottle of water. I gave the child the water to hold her over until I could make a fresh bottle of milk.

By this time, the child was at least 8 or 9 mo old and could hold a bottle on her own. *End of dream

… I haven’t been given revelation on this dream, which I awoke from yesterday morning, but it is important. The things which stand out most to me – the blanket, the fast-approaching train, and the four bottles…


I posted the dream on social media before I had complete revelation on it.  I had an idea but nothing concrete.  Within an hour of posting, Father began to illuminate the different aspects for me.  Not surprisingly, the dream holds a two-fold meaning.  There were two particular comments on social media which perfectly summed up one of the meanings and, since I had a basic idea but could not nail down the particulars nor form complete sentences with it because it was coming so fast, I have opted to share the two revelations with you here:

  1. “No matter how beautifully wrapped it is, the sacrifices of our babies (born or not) is quite disturbing to many who feel pretty helpless just sitting there waiting for the next one to happen. The train may be on the way, yet the Lord will be directly intervening into the hearts of many to cause them to change their minds at the last moment. The hands of protection with not be provided by a church that is all but dry of milk, yet the new church filled with fresh milk.”
  2. The woman had seen abortion as acceptable. She put pretty clothes on the baby, to dress up the nasty; see thru, because everyone knows what’s happening, but in a closet because no one talks about it. She goes and waits, waiting for the right time to come along and her baby to die. She allows others to check on the baby, but she’s waiting. She knows what’s going to happen. The train represents the long line of babies who have come before. When those who have waited with the moms get up, rise up because we are repulsed by this horrible thing, then we will see mothers changing their minds. They will have a heart change, they will cry for their dead babies and the ones they nearly aborted and rush to grab their child and place it in a safe and peaceful place. But they will be unprepared, the 3 near empty bottles. Those of us who have waited with them will have to help them, these mothers who have had a heart change, to care for the babies. I think the timing of this is big also. It sounds like 6-ish months or so. It appears that there is a change coming for the hearts of women in the next 6 months.”

I’ll let this sink in for a minute…


Who else knows Father’s word applies to more than one person or one circumstance?  Now the second of the two-fold meaning –

As a body, the church, has birthed many babies – baby Believers.  Some babies are cared for quite well through to maturity, yet there are many more who are only looked after for a few months.  These “baby Christians” are dressed up and celebrated for a time and then they are unceremoniously laid aside.  We, the body, watch them from afar, checking in on them only every so often and we tend to ‘pacify’ them as we go by.

The translucent blanket in which the baby was swaddled signifies the care of Heavenly Father.  There were many colors and lights on the blanket which could never fully be described with mere words.  The ‘baby Believers’, though abandoned by those who brought them in, they have the full attention, protection, and acceptance of the Lord.

I first thought the baby did not cry or fuss because the new believer did not know enough to cry or fuss when it’s needs were not getting met by the (spiritual) mother.  However, what brand new creation or creature does not draw all attention to itself?  I then realized the silence was because Father, Himself, was seeing to the needs of the baby, the new believer, in absence of any earthly care.

The train – the train symbolizes the Old Covenant Law and the cares, concerns, draws, of this world; take your pick.  The church, the body, has been systematically abandoning their babies for  generations.  We have believed the old adage – “It takes a village to raise a child,” and we have believed someone else would come along and take up wherever we leave off.  Plant a seed and move on…  This has been acceptable and, dare I say, encouraged so many more may be added to the Kingdom in our haste.

Father is changing the minds and hearts of His church.  No longer will we, the body, ‘convert and move on’.  So many of His children have been left derelict and in the dark, not knowing the touch of another person in faithfulness or service.  NO MORE!  His children deserve every chance to grow and mature beyond infants and toddlers and He is raising up people who will raise up His children.  Praise God!

The four bottles – Heretofore, new believers have been only partially fed.  After two or three tries, the ‘mother’ decided, since the baby wasn’t taking a whole bottle of milk, they must be good and well and the ‘mother’ put them aside.  Yet the children are still thirsty!  The baby in the dream gladly took only water, she was so parched.  Watered-down Scripture will satisfy no one but if that’s all which is available, it will hold one over until a full meal comes along.  We must hurry and prepare the milk for those who have been deprived.  When the children come of age, when they are ready for solid food (teaching), the church, at large, will weep seeing the errors of the past as the children flourish and grow strong.  And grow and flourish they will, in Jesus name!

Somehow (we know how) the young in Christ seem to find me and when they do, they show me all their boo-boos and their uh-ohs.  I don’t mind; it is my calling and my pleasure.  I’ve always been drawn to those who either don’t yet know Christ or those who love Him already but are still hurting, near bled-out from past wounds or mistakes.  I am one to whom Father has said, “Raise them up.”  and I accept this mandate with gratitude.  I so enjoy watching Heaven’s children rise from crawling and learning to not only walk but to run!

Be on careful watch, Kingdom warriors.  There is quickly coming a moment in time when we will be called to action.  We will be called, no longer to watch helplessly as the ‘world’ has it’s way but to step in and step up.  The beautiful and innocent ones are coming, they are already here, and they are awaiting those will stand with them and will help them.

Lest we forget or overlook – the women and  mothers whose hearts and minds are being changed will need much care and concern, as will their babies.  Will we be ready?  Will we be Light?  In Christ Jesus, there is no condemnation.  Raise them up, church, raise them up!

Jeannie B. Wilbourn

Stepping into the Path of the Train

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