Sing ‘Allelujah

I had in mind to write an elaborate and flourishing post on the meaning and promise of Christmas.  It would have been something.  Yet, I still find a meaning and a promise in what the Lord gave me today.  I share it in hopes that you, also, will be drawn quickly and deeply into His Love.  After I transcribed what I heard, I found myself overwhelmed by such intense Love.  Wave after wave hit me as I succumbed to Father’s passion for His people.  All humanity, throughout all history, has been the objet d’art, the masterpiece of His creation.  Mere words can hardly describe such intense emotion but I can share the resulting revelation – “Love laid down for Love born again.”

Can you bring to me my favor?
Can you love me ever more?
Can you sing to me of labor
and hold open the forever door?

I love so pure and simple,
a timeless and furious wave.
My heart is broken open;
I laid Him in His grave.

My Life for you I’ve given,
Countless ages still unknown.
Come with me, my darling
and taste this Seed we have sown.

My Son, myself, we call you,
will you heed our urgent cry?
For Love, sweet Love, may drift
but He will never die.

Come to me, beloved,
I long to hold you close.
I’ll whisper all things lovely;
of your majesty, I shall boast.

Sing to me of lovers,
of fields where posies grow.
Every note you utter,
you’ll hear my boundless heart echo.

Bring the many labors
and pile them at my feet.
I’ll drown your many sorrows;
and you’ll rejoice in their defeat.

O’ you door of forever,
you’ll ope’ at my declare!
My eternal bride and lover,
I know awaits for Love just there.

Sing with me, my beauty!
Spin and waltz in songs;
for my own lifetime is wonder
and in mystery is where you belong.

Jeannie B. Wilbourn

*From the heart of my King, Jesus

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