My God is Bigger and Better

I’d like to take a few minutes to introduce myself.  While I’ve known most of you for years and we have traveled these roads together, some of you fine people I have only just met, maybe even some of you I’ve not met at all, yet.  Either way, I’ll be introducing some of my back-story or my qualifications, if you will.  However, it will not be a breakdown of all things bad and wrong, as I have well documented in the past, but … well, you’ll see.

I am a walking, talking, living, breathing sign and wonder.  I’m a miracle.  There, I said it and I’ll stand by it, too. With me doing somewhat more than nothing, Jesus has transformed me into a living billboard for Love.  Wow, that seems a bit over the top to write, or bigger.

Jesus brought me through, in no particular order – marijuana addiction, physical abuse, sexual abuse,  alcohol addiction, mental illness, domestic abuse, same sex attraction, emotional abuse, rape, self harm abuse, sibling suicide, abandonment issues, secondary abuse issues, spiritual abuse, and suicidal tendencies. For the most part, these things were pretty much all at once.  That’s a lot, right?  Yeah, I know and I know some of you have some of the same stories; it’s not lost on me.  It’s why I do what I do.

I have become, and I am becoming, all who God, my Father, has ever dreamed.  The years it has taken for Him to overcome the bad, bad things this world has done have been innumberable.  Yet, Father has put in the time and the patience and the Love because I am irreplaceable.  Father made me to be that way.  There was ever only supposed to be one me.   Just because evil came into play didn’t negate the fact.  He put in all He ever was to bring me into all I’m ever supposed to be because apparently there should be a Jeannie-colored view of this world; a Jeannie-colored God-Light.

No one will ever know how grateful I am for His tenacity; just as I will never know how grateful you are for His intense Love towards you.  I think it would be amazing if these feelings could be shared.  I can only imagine the increase of Love and faith and peace.  Oh, how this world might change and evolve!

Allow me to add here,  I have witnessed miracles in my family also – Renewed relationship  between my mother and me, reconciliation with my father and step-mother, renewal of friendship with my husband of 25 years, and healing and deliverance of my son from Autism.  As if God hadn’t done enough for me!

I mentioned earlier it had taken many years for Father to heal and grow me … I’m certain He began with me at a very young age.  Looking back, I can see clearly His work in me as a teenager.  I have always seemed drawn to those who were like me – boys and girls who were abused and tossed aside.  At the age of 13 or 14, I made a vow that I would help all the people I could, beginning with those closest to me, which at the time was my best friend, cause we all know at that age our world consists of our bffs and ‘others’.   To date, I can still say my heart is the same.

So here I am, so many years past the wistful teenager.  Father has awakened in me many gifts and He has made known and named those gifts I have possessed all along.  I know I operate in gifts of knowledge, discerning of spirits,  healing, discernment, wisdom, and prophecy.  Father speaks to me in dreams and visions and in interpretation.  I sense Him in nature, movies, and songs.  I feel Him when the wind blows, when the birds sing, when the leaves fall, and when a word is rightly spoken.

I am coming in to my own.  I know, at least in part, who I am called to be.  I am prophetic.  I hear God, Jesus and Holy Spirit separately and distinctly.  I hear the voice of the enemy and the voices of his minions.   I smell things which are not ‘in the natural’, or there is no relevant explanation.  And I ‘feel’ things –  I can literally feel what another person is feeling, whether it be pain, joy, love, neglect, anger – all as if these were my own feelings.  I have seen a few angels though I’ve seen many more demons; however, this sight is not a constant but as needed. It took so long for Father to convince me that what I saw, heard, smelled, and felt really were from Him, let me tell you!

Father ordained me as a Minister of His gospel, meaning I am qualified to tell you about Jesus, His life here, death, and what His rising from the dead means for me and for you.  Father has also mantled me as a Prophet.  I know, some teach this has passed… take it up with Him.  I am a Seer.  I see stuff, God and His Kingdom stuff; sometimes past, sometimes present and some future but always relevant.

I’ve been thought crazy, at times by my own self.  I’ve been called arrogant, hateful, ungrateful, holier-than-thou, and disrepectful.  I have been dismissed and I’ve been overlooked.  While these things have sometimes taken their toll and have taken awhile to ‘get over’ or to heal from, I’m certain it is only the beginning considering I am only in the beginning.  But even if I am in the midst of turmoil, conflict, or drama, I know my God is bigger and better.  He has proven Himself to me, time and again.

So this is my story, this is my song; to sing of my Savior, all the day long.  I have not held back here, although edited a time or two.  I have always said my life is an open book and I want to continue to live it as such.

Some may skim over the highlights, and they are welcome to do so.  But for any who may need the hope provided here – be encouraged!  I am no more important to the Lord, Jesus, than you.  I pray you are intrigued and will call on Him, even if you have known Him for years.  I know you will be amazed!

Jeannie B. Wilbourn

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